October 9, 2022

We are glad to present you an update of the corporate identity and appearance of the LoveSecret.com website. We continue to be creative and achieve new levels with the Love Secret project team, a big hello to them!


October 7, 2022

To your attention is a stunning and unparalleled Ney global project, which will undoubtedly restore order in the world of non-profit. We are happy to help the project with websites and all web services, because as the leader of the organization Neya Global correctly noted, those who help also need help.


April 2, 2022

If you have ever wondered about the site’s fault tolerance, then you know that just a backup on the hoster’s server is not enough, since they are not stored for a long time and may not be available in cases of blocking and attacks on the hoster. Learn from us how to create top protection for your data